Product Management

The six product managers of Wijlhuizen, working from the head office, ensure that Wijlhuizen can meet the customer’s every need. Their job involves different aspects such as product range management, documentation, competitor information, launching promotional actions, and answering questions coming from the market. This department is also eminently positioned to obtain the correct information from the source about the use and processing of parts. In view of the constant flow of supply and demand in the market, this department is always busy responding to all changes. This includes ensuring that our prices remain competitive. Being one of the major players in this market, Wijlhuizen’s bargaining position is second to none.


To support the Sales Department, the product managers produce a variety of documentation. The contents of these catalogues are determined in cooperation with the Marketing Communication. Manufacturers and importers are keen to cooperate with Wijlhuizen to arrive at optimum documentation that is most useful in the workshop. To give the customer the best possible overview, additional information brochures are produced showing the latest products and explaining relevant technical issues.