As a transporter, it is very important to know what fleet maintenance costs. For you as a fleet owner who maintains the fleet (partly) by himself, this is often even more difficult to determine. For example, what is the value in the warehouse? How many hours are keyed per truck? Or what is the annual cost per truck? Without valuable management information, it is not possible to calculate the right cost per kilometre. In addition, increasingly complex technology is a challenge for your mechanics. How do they make sure they keep abreast of new techniques and where can they get information from?


Het FleetXL concept bestaat uit de volgende 4 beloftes:

1. Digitalisation of the workshop
FleetXL offers the possibility to work completely digitally within your workshop. We do this with the help of modern workshop software. This software package includes digital workshop planning, time registration of your mechanics and a digital work order. This provides overview and clarity for the mechanics, but also for the workshop administration. This allows you to increase efficiency considerably. The software also ensures that the management team has relevant information to make the right choices regarding the vehicle fleet.

2. Digitisation of the warehouse
Knowing where the parts are keyed and understanding the cost per vehicle, this is essential for excellent efficiency. This can be the first step towards saving money within your company. By using workshop software, the warehouse can be digitised. This allows every consumed part to be scanned to the right vehicle. Ordering can also be done easily with the link from the connected wholesaler. You immediately have an overview of what is in stock and where it is. This works even better if we perform our warehouse service together with you. This means we help you set up the warehouse efficiently, count the current stock, apply barcodes and determine the minimum stock.

This is processed in the workshop software and from then on:
 You always have correct stock records;
 You have less capital in your stock;
You can work faster and more efficiently (less downtime) because the parts are available.

3. Less risk and more certainty
Security in a business, who doesn’t want that? As a transport entrepreneur, you are mainly concerned with the core business: transport. In a workshop linked to a warehouse obsolete stock, often arises. This is a risk for every entrepreneur. With FleetXL, we ensure less risk, hence more security. We do this by screening every six months and giving you the right of return! As a result, you no longer have obsolete stock. Less hidden capital and the ability to continue investing in your core business.

4. Training for the future

Maintaining your vehicle fleet is part of your operations. In order to keep doing this now and in the future, it is essential to motivate your mechanics, but also to bring and keep their knowledge up to standard. At FleetXL, we offer annual training courses for your mechanics, so that the latest technology holds no secrets for them either. In this way, you retain your mechanics and they can continue to work on the fleet, making your workshop part of excellent business operations.

For a fixed low monthly fee, your entire workshop and warehouse are automated, mechanics are helped in their development and you receive the relevant management information.

FleetXL goes the extra mile! In addition to these 4 promises, we also offer you some essential extras.

24/7 breakdown service
FleetXL offers 24/7 breakdown assistance throughout Europe. Whether it is for the towing vehicle, the towed vehicle, tyres or towing, with just one phone number you will be back on the road quickly throughout Europe. The emergency centre is staffed by technicians with years of breakdown service experience. They ensure quick and smooth handling of the report. Professional help is on the spot shortly after the report.

Technical data
Technical data is supplied from the HaynesPro database, an extension of the workshop when it comes to fleet information. How many litres, what tightening torque, electrical diagrams, recalls etc can all be read out.

Customised package
We work with several major parties, allowing us to offer a complete customised package.

Purchasing advantage
FleetXL offers you the opportunity to buy at low cost from our affiliated partners. This includes parts for trucks and trailers, lubricants, energy, workwear, waste, insurance and legal advice.

Texa technical helpdesk
Diagnostic support comes from Texa’s technical helpdesk.

Workshop audit
A workplace audit takes place every two years. An independent external party checks whether your company still meets the legal requirements. This gives you the opportunity to improve business processes.

Nationwide network
We have a nationwide network of affiliated universal workshops that can also support you.


A complete support, with this you maintain a grip on the workplace.

✓ Less stock, money to invest in your core business.
✓ Working more efficiently in the workshop.
✓ Understanding the cost per vehicle (the right choices for your fleet).
✓ Motivated employees.
 Workshop remains flexible.
✓ Less dependent on external factors.
✓ Keep doing what you do best: transport.
✓ More returns from your overall business (2.5 – 5%).