TruckXL is the alternative to the brand dealer. We provide the largest network of independent truck and trailer workshops. Through our fast service, fair price and cooperation as a network, we offer the best maintenance and repair solution for transport companies. We do this on the basis of our three core values: flexible – reliable – personal. This way, we always ensure a top-fit fleet!

We want to take the worry away of repair and maintenance for transport companies. We do this so that they do not have to worry about the type of vehicle, or the type of maintenance – we take care of that! One address for a top fit fleet!

Until January 2023, we operated as TopTruck, but from this year we will continue as TruckXL. Trusted quality in a new guise! As a TruckXL branch, you carry out APK and LPK inspections and maintenance and repair of trucks and trailers. You always deliver quality, personal contact and a fair rate.

With more than 50 locations, TruckXL is the largest universal network of workshops for trucks and trailers in the Benelux countries. As a TruckXL branch, you assure clients a professional workshop, personal service and a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all maintenance on their trucks and trailers. The commercial activities supporting the TruckXL formula participants include the appearance of the premises, such as a facade sign and signage in the building and the stickering of service trucks. This way, a universal image is created.

TruckXL: the formula for you!

The TruckXL formula offers support to independent TruckXL companies through a very wide range of services:

24/7 breakdown service

TruckXL offers participants the opportunity to offer its customers a 24/7 breakdown service in all of the Benelux. TruckXL is ready to assist 24/7 and meets strict service, quality and pricing requirements and is characterised by its flexible and customer-oriented attitude. The emergency centre is staffed by technicians with years of breakdown service experience. They ensure quick and smooth handling of the report.
• Education & training
The industry has a huge problem with the influx of young mechanics, while the older mechanics, from their mechanical-hydraulic background, often find it difficult to keep up with the state of the art in the electronic field. TruckXL therefore offers participants the opportunity to keep its mechanics at a high level of knowledge through theoretical & practical training; MBO + training in its own vocational school; workshops with OE suppliers and driver training and education.
• Marketing & communication support
The TruckXL formula participant is supported in various ways in terms of marketing and communication. Including promotion through advertisements, brochures and promotions; participation in trade fairs; mailings; listing on TruckXL website with individual page and appearance of premises.
• Collective advantage on various facilities
TruckXL offers you the opportunity to purchase advantageously from our affiliated partners. This includes parts for trucks and trailers, lubricants, energy, workwear, waste, insurance and legal advice.
• Practical operational support
TruckXL pays a lot of attention to advice and support. Business processes, planning, administration, automation, job profiles, risk inventory and evaluation and improving the deployment of personnel and equipment are important points of attention for the independent consultants. By means of a comprehensive business scan and a clear advisory report, entrepreneurs and workshop managers are able to keep the workshop continuously up-to-date. Improving yields, efficiency and reducing downtime are advice points that make every haulier money. Only at TruckXL are workshops informed about their own performance in this way and, if desired, can be compared with the results of other companies.