TopTruck is the workshop formula for the free truck and trailer repair segment, i.e., the workshops specialising in repair and maintenance of transport equipment that can be used by all truck and/or trailer owners.

The formula was rolled out five years ago in the Netherlands, in cooperation with GroupAuto Netherlands. GroupAuto Netherlands is the Dutch branch of GroupAuto International, the umbrella organisation which cooperates with major OE manufacturers and distributors. GroupAuto is active in 26 countries with formulas such as CarXpert (12V) and TopTruck (24V).

Over the last five years the TopTruck network has grown to 44 free truck and trailer garages throughout the Netherlands. At the international level the network consists of over 1000 independent companies, working on all makes and types of trucks and trailers.


The garage businesses are supported by TopTruck on different fronts, including training courses to strengthen the organisation’s market position. TopTruck cooperates with specialised partners to support these businesses in the field of training. The TopTrucker can make use of 24H roadside assistance service throughout Europe, and all customers of these garages receive the extra S.O.S. service. The commercial activities in which the TopTruck formula participants receive support include the distinctive appearance of their premises, such as a façade sign, internal signage and stickering of service vans. In this way a universal corporate image is created. In addition, the TopTrucker is entitled to participate in trade fairs and receive various software packages. Other facilities offered include the use of workwear, waste disposal, etc. Company checks are carried out on a regular basis, and there are many more facets.


All these things are essential to compete with the make-specific dealers. Often they involve extra services for which the entrepreneur does not have time. At the end of the day, the formula saves money, as maintenance and repair is possible for all makes of vehicle, which is often not the case with make-specific dealers, and employees on the shop floor remain properly trained and aware of the latest technological developments. In this way the staff will always work with the latest technologies and every customer with a non-uniform fleet can be offered the necessary services.


TopTruck is the network with which the free truck and trailer garage business can look to the future with confidence.