FleetMaster is a formula for the large fleet owner with his own workshop. GroupAuto Netherlands has developed, in cooperation with wholesaler Wijlhuizen, the first concept for this formula; at the moment it is only active in the Netherlands. The FleetMaster concept was developed to meet the challenge of keeping abreast of the rapid technological developments characterising this sector and the enormous demand for support in this area. It allows mechanics to keep up a high level of knowledge through technical training courses and other types of support.


The idea behind the FleetMaster formula is to keep the workshop of the fleet owners up to date. This allows them to continue performing in-house repairs on the latest, increasingly complex vehicles rather than having to hand the job over to the dealer. One of the benefits is a better insight into the cost of the fleet. Furthermore, young mechanics can settle into their jobs more easily and the experienced mechanics can keep pace with developments in electronics.


The formula consists of a number of components, including technical training courses (theory and practice), built up from a mixture of modern internet technology, practice-oriented training and the daily experiences of DiagnoseXperts. The FleetMaster participant can make use of the 24H international roadside assistance service, a cooperative effort of the TopTruck network with some 500 universal workshops spread across Europe, allowing the cost of roadside assistance to be kept under control. The formula also offers facilitary services such as workwear, lubricants and a company check. Finally, FleetMaster offers a free software package for the workshop; a complete accounting package is also available as an option. The commercial activities do not have any added value for this formula, as the FleetMaster participant does not perform repairs for third parties.


With all these facets a fleet owner can keep his workshop running cost-effectively. The workshop tends to be forgotten within a transport company; this formula helps to keep the workshop up to standard and allows more flexibility than working with a make-specific dealer.


FleetMaster, makes the workshop an asset to the transport company!