Personal contact with the customer is very important for Wijlhuizen. Therefore we ask our representatives to visit the customer regularly. This personal contact allows the representatives to inform existing business contacts of all the benefits Wijlhuizen has to offer. Listening to the customer, analysing his specific needs and responding to these needs, and continuously striving for excellence are the building blocks of the Wijlhuizen concept.


Each branch office employs one or two sales reps who maintain the contacts with the customers in their region, in cooperation with the branch managers, the delivery van drivers and the telemarketeers. Information is exchanged on a daily basis, and branch managers, sales reps, product managers and board members meet once a month to discuss promotional actions, new products and structural adjustments. Three times per year the sales reps present their ‘Plus Plan’ to the entire branch office staff and the management, which leads to a high degree of commitment within the branches by showing to each other what you are doing.


The office-based Sales team consists of experienced truck and trailer specialists. Their main task is to process the orders coming in by e-mail, telephone, fax or from the sales reps and being dispatched by the delivery van unit. Tasks such as advising customers and solving technical problems also belong here. In short, with Wijlhuizen the customer takes centre stage.