Marketing Communication

The daily tasks of the Marketing Communication Department involve compiling and designing documentation. From the product managers they receive the necessary information about the products requiring documentation. Every product is photographed in our own photo studio, and the result is included in the documentation. In this way it is made easy for the customer to find his way in the wide range of products, divided into the various product groups. In addition to the printed versions, also a DVD is available with all the catalogues.


Three times per year Wijlhuizen has a stand on a trade fair for the entire transport sector; in spite of the advance of the internet, a trade fair is still the more personal contact medium. The Public Relations team makes a large part of the preparations for these trade fairs and ensures that the stand is hired, designed and erected. The stand is then used to present the documentation and DVDs.


Apart from the catalogues, the Marketing Communication Department is also responsible for making promotional leaflets and maintaining the website and social media. All customer presentations and press information are also developed by this department.


The secretariat is responsible for all other supporting activities related to the departments and the management. They are the main point of contact of the organisation, for internal as well as external contacts, and carry out a wide range of tasks, from facility management tasks to processing of offers. Moreover, the secretariat is often involved in the organisation of events, such as the trade fairs at which Wijlhuizen is present, and in the planning of meetings.