The central warehouse of Wijlhuizen, with an area of over 6750 m², is located in Arnhem. The warehouse staff ensures that incoming and outgoing goods are handled as efficiently and accurately as possible.


Under the supervision of the “warehouse manager, incoming goods”, shipments are checked and stored in the warehouse or immediately forwarded to a branch office. The “warehouse manager, outgoing goods” manages the team that collects the goods for the customers of the branch offices and the customers who are supplied through night-time distribution.


In addition to the central warehouse, every branch office has its own warehouse. These warehouses are supplied from the central warehouse through night-time distribution. The Arnhem branch office receives its goods directly from the central warehouse stock.


The decentralised warehouses have a service level of 95%, at the central warehouse this percentage is 98%. This means that all current parts are available directly from stock. As a result, Wijlhuizen is capable of satisfying the customer’s every need.


The customers are supplied from the branch offices by our in-house delivery van unit; every day the seven branch offices send out some twenty delivery vans that drive a predetermined route.